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Your Smart Home, what would you like to control? Heating? Lighting? Simulate your Presence? Alexa?

"Smart Home not only means that a home becomes more intelligent and intuitive. Your home should also adapt entirely to your personal needs and requirements. It becomes a creator of dreams that is just as flexible as you are."

KNX is the world’s only open standard for intelligent buildings (ISO/IEC 14543-3). KNX has been around for over thirty years and now offers an array of over 7,000 KNX Association-approved products manufactured by over 500 suppliers.

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The story of your Smart Home!

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Residential control & automation

KNX products are used to build intelligent integrated building control solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

You get control over the everyday working or living environment: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and metering as well as the operation of blinds, electrical appliances, windows, facades, AV/sound systems and many other functions.

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KNX Product Distribution & Configuration.

As Ireland’s only dedicated KNX distributor, we represent some of the leading brands in KNX such as

•      Dinuy,

•      Ekinex,

•      GIRA,

•      E Electron

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Authorised Training Centre

A KNX certified training centre is a training centre that has adopted the KNX Association’s Certification Scheme for KNX Training centres. We offer standardised courses in which you can obtain the KNX Partner certificate.

Become a KNX Partner by taking a course and passing the final exam at our KNX Certified Training Centre. Initial online training available.

Get a basic understanding of KNX and install the ETS 5 software.

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KNX Product Distribution

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“Home automation is becoming more accessible with the advent of Alexa."

KNX products are used to build intelligent integrated building control solutions for domestic applications.

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"Flexibility that allows for multiple applications to be controlled through 1 medium."

Sean C

"KnxTech have provided us with products for multiply projects over the years. Their experience, technical advice, support and hands on approach to advising on product selection is the reason we have and will keep using them. "

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