Electricians? Sure arn't they all the same? Well, no, not the ones that have Smart Homes in their van!

"Its about electricians competing with each other in the same market, with the same products, the same prices and the same electrical wholesalers, and not making any profit on the products!"
-Niall Walsh
Designer finished switches and sockets from KNXIreland.iesmart home smart technology no wires no batteriesdesigner frame on wall ipad
Where the Electrician gets the job through a builder, cost has probably already been discussed and the Electrician is being asked to do a job for a certain price or fit a budget.   
  • What if it was his own contact? 
  • What if you were talking to the client directly, understanding what they were trying to do?
  • What if you understood their vision and were able to suggest what was possible? 
  • What if you could help them reduce the running costs of the home?
  • What if you could give them better control over the bills?
  • What if you could deliver functionality and a finish the other electricians and builders were not even aware of?
  • Do they have Alexa, or Amazon Spot or does Siri listen out for their every word? They have seen people on the telly shout and their lights go on, to play music around the house, to lower blinds, to keep the temperature even, the lighting too.  How about security?
  • But how? Isn't that complicated? Not for you!
  • How about light switches that can be put anywhere, without chasing walls?
  • How about fancy switches not needing batteries?
  • What if they are looking for something different, a different finish, sexy light switches, nice sockets?  What do you do?  You head off to the same electrical wholesalers that your competitors are going to.  
  • How about you provide something exclusive, unique?  These clients are not price sensitive, they are looking for quality, difference, designer finish.
"As construction activity was halted for several weeks due to the lockdown measures put into place by the government in the spring of 2020, demand for electricians fell significantly. During this period, only essential work was allowed to be carried out by electricians, as long as they abided by social distancing measures. " - IBISworld.com

An excellent article on OnlineTradesman.ie looks at four business goals  in recovering from Covid and lockdown in 2021:
  1. Boost your profits & earn more.
  2. Get the best prices on everyday materials
  3. Reduce the cost of quoting for work
  4. Find more of the jobs you love doing.
  5. Get more customer reviews & ratings.
  6. Promote your business online.

The world of KNX in Ireland

That all makes sense? 

  • But how about making yourself different in a "like Me" market? 
  • Where only price differentiates you from the other Electrician, what do you do? 
  • Find another wholesaler, but sure another electrician is going there?
If you follow what the article is saying, your situation will improve, however, how about adding a competitive advantage? 
  • How about making yourself different and
  • allowing you raise your rate over the others
  • because you have products and expertise they cannot access?

So that is their point one addressed.  Sell higher margin products.  Charge a higher price because you are different.  And if you are being paid better, you have time and interest to really give good customer service and you will love it. Point 2!

And the home owner will post great reviews about approach, finish, value and innovation.  Point 3!!

How do you promote your business online? 

  • By telling stories and
  • using advertising
  • that addresses what home owners are looking for,
  • answers,
  • solutions,
  • ideas,
  • being different,
  • taking away their fear with stories and pictures.

Facts Tell, Stories Sell!

So how can we help?

Electricians compete on price, for the same job, with the same suppliers, the same products, the same wholesalers. What if you could find customers who wanted something special? Pay more for functionality, for designer products no other electrician can get them? Have you heard about Smart Home? Wireless or KNX, retrofit, renovation or new build, Niall Walsh gives you this capability.

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Why not get in touch to find out how you can bring amazing value, innovation and design to your customers.