How do you choose someone to create your Smart Home?

Highest ranking partner in Ireland

Creating a smart home or office?

Keep it simple stupid (KISS!!!) with lighting control or go all the way and connect different sorts of devices to take smart home automation and personalization to a different level.

If you are looking for a KNX certified professional it is likely you would ask KNX themselves, right? 

KNXIreland KNX Tech Niall Walsh higheest ranking KNX partner in Ireland

Then you should have a chat with Niall Walsh, he doesn’t like doing all this writing, but he is good at telling a story or two about your smart home, what you can do and how! Then you discover he is the highest ranking partner I Ireland and with good reason.  And as soon as he figures out how to get the reviews onto the KNX Association website, the grading will further increase.  But it is not all about Niall, it is all about you and what you are trying to do.  

What do you want, bells and whistles? Clever Buildings? Smart Homes? Niall can give you all the best advice, even if KNX is not right for you!  He will not take on a job, just because there is money in it, he wants to have a great customer experience, for you and for him. 


The KNX Association

The KNX Association is a global organization with more than 25 years of experience and a broad network of people who have embraced our technology. By joining this community you become part of an international family of installers, manufacturers, training centres, scientific partners.


Member Companies developing KNX Products, Solutions and Software


Contractors, buildings designers, installers, integrators


KNX Association offers companies who have specialized in the KNX technology the chance of becoming a KNX Partner. 


What? Why? KNX?

Comfort and versatility in the management of heating, lighting and access control systems for a family home or office is increasing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. People want a comfortable, sustainable and safe place to live and work and that's where Smart Home automation comes in! 

Automation doesn't have to be difficult. Do away with the problems of isolated devices by ensuring that all components communicate via one common language. The kind of device you want to use doesn't matter anymore.

Whether you want to control lighting, shutters, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning systems (HVAC), signalling and monitoring systems, interfaces to service and building control systems, remote control, audio and video control.

All these functions work via an uniform system. Home and building control made easy. This is KNX.

Why not give Niall a call? 0429500105