Innovation ideas for a residential, renovation, extension or single building project

Ever heard of the idea of building control and automation?

alexa or amazon spot and gira x1 server control a building a smart home

You may have heard of an insurance company in Ireland offering a remote control solution and that’s been great for getting people to think what is possible, but how about it learning how you live and delivering that when you are not at home?

What if the blinds could detect that it was too sunny and that your room was getting too hot?

remote building control and automation

What if the lights in the room dimmed if there was enough light coming in from outside? Ever left the ensuite light on?

What would you like your building to do? What would be cool? What would be great IF you could do it?

“Many are called but few are chosen”

Although there are many manufacturers using forms of building control and automation, there is only ONE worldwide standard, KNX.  This is backed by over 400 manufacturers with over 7,000 products and everyone of them made to work together under one standard, KNX. And it is not that expensive when you consider the savings it brings to construction and living costs!

What KNX means for you, the Architect and your new home:

We are KNX distributors, advisors, installers and trainers.  We are unique in Ireland. Unique also, because we have done just about everything you can think of and we really want it to work for you.  We are a family owned and run business, we actually care.  We are also very good and happy to point you in the right direction.  We know too, that when you move into your new home, or extension, or renovation, that there will always be those “we should have…” moments, but with KNX approved products and our commissioning service, we can (on your permission), connect in and reconfigure functions around the home to make them work better for you, without having the builders back in!

knx bedside switches

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