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“The eelectron multi detector is suitable for ceiling mounting , It manages the detection of presence, brightness sensing for environmental lighting control, humidity, temperature sensor and a sound sensor that can be used in rooms with parts not totally visible to the infrared sensor.”


The KNX MULTI.SENSOR (PD00E02KNX), manages the detection and includes a brightness sensor for environmental lighting control. 

The device  also includes:

  • humidity and temperature sensors
  • sound sensor that can be used in rooms with parts not totally visible to the infrared sensor

and used for

  • on / off commands,
  • dimming,
  • shutters or blinds
  • home scenarios,
  • connect to NTC temperature probes for controlling heating and cooling equipment,

The humidity sensor (MULTI.SENSOR version) manages the measurement of the ambient relative humidity and allows the control of humidification and dehumidification. 

Presence detection, based on a passive infrared sensor, has 5 independently configurable.  The presence detection solution can deduce the presence of people in the room, it also detects an unexpected presence and is able to differentiate more behaviours. 

The device manages the ambient lighting; it is also possible to enable the logic called “Circadian Rhythm” with which brightness and colour temperature are imposed on the basis of the real position of the sun during the. This function allows you to recreate lighting comfort in an environment as close as possible to reality.

eelectron PIR from KNXTech ireland

In announcing our new Agency with Eelectron we are delighted to announce the availability of their  KNX Multi.sensors range,  a smart and reliable sensor series combining information on presence, brightness, humidity, temperature and sound; it manages effectively heating, cooling, lighting, shading control and room optimization with a flat compact design of just 8 cm diameter wide (already awarded with the Design Plus award 2020).

Their range os sensors is on their site at 

For 20 years, Eelectron has developed devices and applications for the KNX protocol, fully dedicated to building automation. They create smart solutions for energy saving, with a strong focus on designtechnology and comfort.

Their R&Dproduction are all in Italy for residentialhotel and construction industries. Their products are installed in more than 25.000 hotel rooms, luxury villas, large residential complex worldwide.

Talk to Niall about his reasons for bringing these products to the Irish market.

"EElectron brings us Electrical metering for KNX and the best PIR multi sensor available in the Irish market!" 

-Niall Walsh, KNXTECH