Smart Home, Smart lighting, sensible home automation made simple, with Kozee and EnOcean

Kozee and KNX Tech how it works

Kozee is a range of smart home automation products based around a patented energy harvesting light switch – a switch that works from human touch, doesn’t need any wiring and doesn’t require any batteries.  Hard to believe, but true!


The range includes a device for receiving signals from the switches.  This receiver is wired behind a light fitting and has the capability of connecting to your WiFi to offer remote access.  Alexa and Google Home can also be enabled giving you voice control of your home lighting system.


The energy harvesting switches are available in more than one style, and utilise a patented EnOcean energy harvester.  The range of energy harvesting, wire- and battery-free products also includes a PIR movement sensor and a multi-sensor capable of monitoring light levels, temperature and relative humidity.

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The Kozee range includes a battery-operated flood water sensor which is just as simple to use and versatile in it’s positioning as the switches, and more products are constantly being added, so keep in touch!

  • No Batteries, no Wires
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Place the switches wherever you need them, not just on the wall!
  • Control individual lights, groups of lights, or create a “Scene”.

the companion phone app

The Kozee app not only allows you to turn your lights on & off anywhere you have an internet connection, it provides the flexibility to control who has access to your Kozee system, and allows you to add more switches and sensors. Shortly Kozee will deliver Alexa & Google Home integration enabling voice control of your lights & spoken updates from your sensors.

 kozee app by

Kozee wireless automation apps from playstore or for ios from


  • Wherever there is light, solar energy can be harvested!
  • PIR, self powered movement detectors.
  • Measure temperature, humidity, light, orientation, all in one sensor.
  • Flooding? Place the sensor under an appliance just in case.

EnOcean for partial or retrofit renovations, how it works.

EnOcean obtains energy for our wireless sensors from the immediate surroundings – from your click of the button, from motion, light and temperature. Their world is a resource-saving, self-powered and maintenance-free way. Sustainable use of energy for digitized buildings, services and production processes in the Internet of Things.   Self-powered applications for the Internet of Things!  There are about 400 firms making EnOcean complaint devices.


“The EnOcean technology is energy harvesting, which means switches that communicate with remote hard-wired relays and actuators do not need batteries. It is based on harvesting slight mechanical motion (such as flicking a switch) or other potentials from the environment, such as indoor light and temperature differences. Energy harvesters provide only a very small amount of power, but it’s quite enough for sensors and switches to communicate wirelessly with the relays, gateways and controllers that turn on/off and adjust lighting, heating and electrical appliances.” -Simon Johnson EnOcean

  • ultra-low power electronics
  • perform without batteries
  • no wires
  • engineered to operate maintenance-free.
  • signals from sensors and switches work over a distance of up to 300 meters in the open and up to 30 meters inside buildings,
  • integrated and controlled on a phone or tablet.

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