• NEW KNX MULTI SENSOR from Eelectron

    We have all seen the classic PIR which senses our presence in a room, or not, if we are around the corner, so another one is needed and all the wiring!  And when you come in, did you ever consider that the lighting could be appropriate to the time of day and task (I hate a bright bathroom in the middle of the night!).  And what about the temperature?  Well this device detects you presence, the brightness of the room to aid environmental lighting control, it senses the humidity and temperature to allow KNX to control lighting and heating.  And how does it find you in a room when you are out of view of the PIR?  With a sound sensor. #knxireland
  • Replace Halogen dimming with LED Dimmers

    Howo could you reduce the cost of electricity in your home? Do you have halogen lights? How about replacing them with LED and dimmers?  Smart home in The Republic of Ireland from KNX Ireland.