• How do you choose someone to create your Smart Home?

    Highest ranking partner in Ireland Creating a smart home or office? Keep it simple stupid (KISS!!!) with lighting control or go all the way and con...
  • So little to do, so much time..... wait a minute

    What is KNX, what is smart home, how can it help you, what would you love to be able to do?  KNXTECH can show you how KNX in the Republic of Ireland! #knxireland
  • What is KNX? What is Smart Home? How can you help me?

    Smart Home? KNX? Lots of products, manufacturers, but what does it mean? What do you need your smart home to do for you? What would you like to be able to do? What would make your life more convenient? Are you completely renovating your home? Are you building a new home? How about making it smart?
  • Innovation ideas for a residential, renovation, extension or single building project

    Alexa turn on the lights. Alexa, heat the Sauna. Alexa turn on the lights on the way to the swimming pool!  Well, you can dream can't you?  But this functionality, this Smart Home, is available to anyone renovating their home or building a new home, through KNX in Ireland, KNXTECH. BUt what is home automation and what does it mean to your Architect, to you, to your builder? Ever just want a much more beautiful light swithc?  Or to have the light self adjust to reflect the time of day and light though the windows? What about the heat caused by this light through the windows?  Ever come home and the house is roasting?