KNX Ireland

In Ireland, we have a unique view of ourselves and what we do.  We love the phrase "that would never work here".  And so it is, yet KNX is THE worldwide standard for the Smart Home, for Home Automation building and control.  And so it is for KNX Ireland.  This is the home of KNX for the Smart Home in Ireland.  Niall Walsh is the acknowledged expert in Ireland.  He is the longest established and most experienced KNX Tutor in Ireland and owner of the only Authorised KNX training centre in Ireland.

There are some great pages on this site.  It is broken into a shop, with a lot of useful products and a blog site with news to explain what is happening with Smart Home, the latest tech trends, features, benefits and how they effect KNX Ireland.

What is KNX Ireland what can be controlled in your smart home with KNXTECH

Yes you can retrofit a Smart fit with KNX, but there are smarter ways, really, we are looking for you if you are doing a new build, or a renovation that involves new cabling being pulled, then we are all on a winner, we can give you ultimate control, flexibility, energy management and return on your KNX Ireland investment in Smart Home technology.

alexa amazon spot connecting to the Gira X1 home server to allow KNX Ireland to help you control your Smart Home

A lot of you like to shout at a magic speaker, it is enough for some that the wife answers or the dog arrives with the pipe and slippers, but in this tech world, you could be able to shout for what you want done but not in a gimmicky way.  You seriously want to engage home automation at a professional, energy saying way. he smart home comes to life with KNX in Ireland.

Gira Smart Home Control panel on a wall in a beautiful KNX Ireland room

There is so much more we could say, have a look at the shop home page, that has what people have genuinely said about us, we will in future have them on Facebook, LinkedIn and hopefully google too (if Freshbooks will let us export them!).

KNX Ireland Training Centre, man working on KNX Smart Home test bench

The blog will develop the news items as we go along and try to show you the benefits, the costs, what works, what not to do, the sort of situation we will work best in so that you get the best job done quickly to budget and with amazing support.

So that is all from KNX Ireland for the moment, please give us a shout, or drop us a line as we will be happy to help you out, well when I say we, I mean Niall Walsh!  Because he eats, sleeps and drinks (not alcohol surprisingly) this stuff!